Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cool new way to learn Revit! Check it out

"Did you know that the experts are taught to demo without showing the software's flaws. A skillful demo-er will skim over or Jedi-mind-trick “that’s not the tool you’re looking for” the difficult questions and issues prevalent in a piece of software.

If so, I’m not saying you won’t see that during these hours, sometimes you will. The Rockstar Hour is not that type of Demo, it’s a shared learning experience. Often when explaining a difficult topic / tool the instructor takes the time to struggle with the software, just like you. You’ll think, you’ll laugh, you may even learn something. If nothing else, at least Revit’s on your screen, who’s to say it’s not you working?"


Here's the link to the Revit Rock Star Hour, Hey I'm going to sign up!

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