Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Software allows Architects to generate early cost estimation from Revit models powered by RS Means

Similar to Beck Technologies DProfiler software, which allows designers and even contractors a way to link a 3D model to RS Means estimating data, A new product, developed by Reed Construction Data, called SmartBIM QTO, will allow architects the ability to link their Revit models to the popular estimating database, without the need to develop a model using third party proprietary software, as is the case with DProfiler.

Since we've been examining DProfiler for some time this is very exciting news! The biggest hurdle our company faced was having to learn to model in yet another software program, we'll be watching the development of SmartBIM QTO eagerly!

UPDATE: Just learned that SmartBIM QTO is only available for Revit 2009 at this time. It seems to work really well with 2009, but we can't unfortunately really put it to the test since the test project we wanted to try it with is modeled in 2010! Well they SAY they will have a 2010 version out in a few weeks, here's to hoping, probably means they'll have it out in time for Revit 2011. :(

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