Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Super Delete

Ever been in Revit and just hit the delete key on accident when there's nothing selected? Well hopefully you're not hitting delete on accident, but if you were to, you'd notice a large X that appears next to your curser, and you may wonder "what the heck is that all about" then you'll probably hit delete again, it'll go away and you'll continue detailing and forget the whole incident ever happened. But that large X actually shows up for a reason and you can use it to your advantage.

Basically, if you hit the delete key on your keyboard once, with nothing selected, the next time you do select something (yup, you guessed it) it gets deleted (after hitting enter to complete the command). Handy right?! Not really?? Yeah, I don't really use this that often, but what I do use is Super-Delete! (I need a better name for this, suggestions are welcome). To Super Delete just hold down the delete key, and now you can go crazy deleting anything that stands in your way! It's pretty fun, reminds me of the eraser key in Sketchup and can totally screw a project up, so Super Delete with caution and don't blame me :) Of course my general rule of thumb is is that one should never delete anything unless they're 100% positive exactly what it is, (you can always hide it in the view if you aren't sure, which confuses other people but I attribute a lot of missing roofs to over-zealous deleting in reflected ceiling plans) Happy deleting!

PS Super Deleting is also a great way to reduce stress, give it a shot, but don't overstep your undo's!