Monday, April 25, 2011

Spot Elevation Target Size

Here's a little Freebie, something I'm sure I've made a half dozen times because I keep forgetting where I put it (what safer place than the web, right?) It's a an annotation symbol, a simple modification of the "Spot Elevation - Target Filled" object that ships with Revit. I increased the size slightly so that when you use this one in your projects your spot elevation targets are the same size as the default target symbols for Levels in Revit.
To use it, just save it somewhere safe (where you won't forget it) and load it into your project. Next create a spot elevation in an elevation view and go to the spot elevation's type properties (you may want to duplicate the spot elevation type and give it a new name) and change the Symbol that is being used to the attached "Spot Elevation - Target Filled - Level Size" that you loaded in (See Image), and viola, equal sized targets. If this is something you know that you want to make an office standard, just add the symbol to your template. I'm still trying to figure out why Autodesk decided to make these two symbols a different size, anyone?

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