Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Recently it dawned on me that just because this blog is called the "Revit" blog doesn't mean that's the only thing I have to blog about! So today I just wanted to quickly share a handy little webtool that helps you change the case of a bunch of text in one fell swoop. This is pretty handy if you've ever started typing with the caps lock key on (or off) or if you receive a bunch of typed general notes in the wrong case that you need to add into your drawings. I think I use it most often to convert the list of sheets I need to add to the Cover sheet for consultants not using Revit. I swear, I ask for a sheet index to be sent to me in all Caps and they send it in all lowercase to spite me, ha, they don't know I have convertcase.net! Bookmark it!

Edit: As noted by an anonymous tipster below, you can actually do this inside of MS word, if you don't want to navigate to a website (or you're already working in there) here's where you find it:

Good to know! Thanks!

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Anonymous said...

Also, M$ Word can do the same.