Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Estranged Views

Recently I was asked if there was an easy way to determine if there are views in the project that may have been overlooked... poor, lost estranged views. The problem was that so many folks had been working on the project that no one knew for certain if every detail that had been drafted had actually been put onto a sheet yet. There are actually a few quick methods to determine where your views are at that I know of, my favorite though is to just create a quick view schedule. It's incredibly easy, just go to the view tab, hit the Schedules pull down and select View list.

 It's just like making any Revit schedule, you'll need to select a few fields to schedule, in this case the "View Name" and the "Sheet Number"...

 and viola, a list that tells you what sheet each view is on, if it doesn't have a sheet, well it's not on a sheet, get on it! How are you using view lists to make Revit project management easier?

Edit: For another method, where you narrow down views not on sheets via your project browser, check out Steve's post over at Revit OpEd


Phillip Miller said...

Great post.

We believe that we have a more elegant solution to this problem though ;)


James Herndon said...

Hi Phillip, I really like that tool you've created! Color coding the views seems like it would be an amazing way to keep everything organized! Thanks for sharing!