Monday, November 26, 2012

How to exactly place an odd angled Section Cut

A question recently came up about how to place a section cut that can align with model elements; in this case the user wanted to place a section that cut perfectly though the center landing of a curved stair and perpendicular to the curve as shown in the image below. But sections won't snap to model elements when you're drawing them, so how do you get this to be exact and not just an approximation?

The trick is to first use a Reference Plane (RP)
A Reference Plane will snap to standard model elements:

And a section will snap to Reference Planes:

A bit of a work around, but not that bad really. Hope that helps someone, have any other ways to use this trick or another way to solve the problem? Share your thoughts below, thanks!

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Unknown said...

I often place Reference Planes at Section Cut lines. Name the Reference Plane and it can be a work plane to model elements from.