Monday, November 19, 2012

Special Alt Characters

There's nothing better in life than shortcuts, I'm talking windows shortcuts of course, and I'm always amazed how many of them exist that I forget to use. Some work in Revit and some don't; Ctrl-Shift-T, for instance, is really handy if you accidentally close a tab while browsing the internet (or if you want to see what the last tab was that someone else had open) but it doesn't do anything in Revit. Ctrl-N will open a new window or file in just about any windows application and I really hope everyone out there has the same Ctrl-S nervous tick that I've developed over the years. But did you know you can also use Window's special Alt characters and symbols inside of Revit? For instance say you want to use the Ø symbol instead of writing out "Diameter" or "Dia.". Or, what if you just want to brighten up your set of documents with a ☺? Using the Alt characters is easy, just hold down the Alt key, type the number associated with the symbol on the keypad (must be the keypad) and then release the Alt key.
Here's a list of my favorite (I have these printed out and taped to the side of my computer):

º       Alt 167
π      Alt 227
Σ      Alt 228
™     Alt 0153
©      Alt 0169
®      Alt 0174
²       Alt 253
³       Alt 0179
½     Alt 171
¼     Alt 172
¾     Alt 0190
±      Alt 241
≈      Alt 247
Ø      Alt 0216
▬     Alt 22

For a more complete list I'd recommend this one:


bzsi said...

× Alt 158

Jason P. said...

They need one for Centerline.