Thursday, January 3, 2013

Arraying Arrays

Every once in a while I hear a newer user to Revit talk about how limited the array tool is in Revit compared with Autocad. In autocad when you use the array tool you are asked to define columns and rows, creating an array that extends in the x and y direction, but in Revit it only asks you to define your array in one direction, which at first seems limiting. So how do you create a multiple array in both directions?? Well quite simply you array your array:

And the best part is, you can modify the array after the fact by modifying the arrayed groups.

And you can continue to array arrays and put arrays inside of other arrays, and always come back and modify any portion of that "super array" It can actually get a little mind boggling, and makes Autocad's array tool look pretty simple in comparison:

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